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The Phoenix
"Bringing the technical qualities and design
of European tiles to life, at prices affordable by all."


Products which not only meet all International Industry Standards for their intended

purpose, but also enjoy the benefits of being designed on trend and manufactured

using the latest technologies & formats.


Products produced at price points that attract the widest possible consumer

audience is a continual focus, including regular SKU in-store placements and

tailor made bulk order promotional tiles.


Product cartons that clearly identify not only the brand and content, but also

all relevant detailed information such as working size and batch numbers, along

with meeting required authority occupational health & safety standards for weight,

visual identification and dangerous sharp objects.  


Products from Phoenix Tiles are supported with online independent Technical

Data Information, Photo Imaging, regular News Bulletins and Customer Support,

as well as on the ground In-Store Training, Merchandizing and Promotions.  

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